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This review may contain spoilers.

It's sometimes too long and I really wasn't feeling it...until we got to that piano scene, which mostly reasonably explains why the eponymous (and THANK GOD, not just oh but you see-she's quirky naive!) Victoria would ever hang out with these drunk looser dudes at 4 in the morning EVEN after seeing them rob a car?! ANYWAY
As impressive as the one shot technique can be, it's a pointless gimmick when not properly used, and while the plot is nothing new, it perfectly matches said technique, bringing us close to the adrenaline the characters are experiencing. A fine case of a classic genre/plot being reinvigorated by a more "modern" use of filmmaking.
What ultimately doesn't simply make it a style over substance exercise is Victoria herself and focusing on her pov instead of one of the guys as most movies in the same genre would do, and the (tragic) romance- which I wasn't sure of in the beginning-ultimately works, mainly thanks to the convincing performances.

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