Enola Holmes ★★★

Based on the trailer (and the casting of Henry Cavill as Sherlock), I was really excited to watch Enola Holmes. While it delivered on what was promised in the trailer, what wasn't in the trailer ended up being unnecessary surplus to the lovely, straightforward story of Enola solving the mystery of her mother's disappearance.

Millie Bobby Brown holds her own well as the lead. She imbues Enola with charm and confidence and makes the potentially eye-rolling fourth-wall-breaking narration a fun element that helps the film stand out. The eclectic editing style illustrates Enola's narration well and fits the mystery plot perfectly. As for Henry Cavill as Sherlock, he was probably my favorite part. He didn't have a large role, which is understandable, but managed to steal every scene he was in. Once his cold detective façade is broken, there's enough charm and humanity to match his sister's. I wouldn't say no to a spin off where he takes center stage.

On the other hand, the Tewksbury side plot (and the detour the film took towards the end to accommodate it) left a lot to be desired. There's so much time spent on something that only concerns Enola tangentially in order to prove her detective skills, which could've just as easily been proven with the case of her mother's disappearance. As a result, the plot is spread in all directions and ends up being about everything and nothing all at once.

All in all, Enola Holmes is a fun time. I think there's a lot of promise to this franchise and I would love to see both Enola and Sherlock return. If there is a sequel, I'm hoping it will be more focused.

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