Stalker ★★★★½

Scope: Film Club #10 | Pick by: TheKing0fComedy

Stalker unfolds like a philosophical discussion between a Stalker, a Writer and a Professor taking place in the colorful Zone, sealed off from the colorless reality.

The Stalker is an intermediary: he takes whoever asks to the Zone. He provides a freedom that he cannot access and is, at the same time, looked down upon for his job. While the Writer and the Professor provide knowledge that is deemed necessary, the Stalker’s services are inessential despite the fact that they provide the most relief, the best escape, an alternate world where people can go to forget about the hardships of their daily lives.

The Zone is a realm of beauty that stretches beyond the corners of the frame. There, contradictions meet in the same way they interact through the musings of the Stalker, the Writer and the Professor. It is a place both alluring and cold, and its beauty is itself a paradox. With flowers that catch the eye but have no scent, it offers an experience that’s incomplete, a beauty that should rather be deciphered than experienced. But would beauty still be beauty if it were to be deciphered? As a guide through the Zone, the Stalker knows its secrets, and his venture torments him because he is unable to fall prey to it in the same way the others do, only serving as a reminder of his futility.

Stalker takes over you, letting you sink into the endless discussions that question the reality that surrounds the Stalker, the Writer and the Professor. It seems to be a dream that catches you and doesn’t let you go until you reach the end, leaving you to make sense of it and of every thought it planted within you. Under its spell, you feel as if you hold the key to every question you’ve ever asked yourself and you’re overwhelmed by everything you still have to discover.

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