The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★½

The Green Knight is an explosion of color and imagination, and beneath, a search for the courage within. A tale of becoming. Not a king’s, not a knight’s, not a hero’s, but a man’s. Flawed.

His entire life, Gawain has been taken for more. For a brave man. His entire life, he has been seen as someone he isn’t. When the opportunity to prove himself arises, he takes it, but his decision is rash, and the fear of certain death will mark his life for a year. Gawain’s life is reduced to a game orchestrated by the Green Knight, a tall creature who awaits him in the woods. When the time comes, Gawain embarks on a journey to face his destiny and discovers a path of hardship. Temptation, coldness, not even a helping hand… he is beaten, misled, demoralized, but doesn’t flinch in the face of any obstacle. At the end of his path, Gawain wants to run, to live a life he isn’t worthy of, but he stays to face his destiny, knowing who he is.

The Green Knight is a dream of greatness, of a life that could never be. But the life that is, Gawain’s journey, is much more exciting. Gawain may not become a king or a knight or a hero, but he becomes who he is meant to be; a man who embraces his flaws and faces everything that life throws his way. There’s courage in not running away from one’s cowardice.

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