Tenet ★★★

How dare people have said that inception was confusing - inception is ikea instructions compared to this thing.

Nolan certainly knows how to show and kinda explain and utilise a premise like this for action and plot purposes and mostly it’s just a lot of people talking about the premise and concept and I still did not understand anything. The action is impressive and messes with your head like hell.

I really really wish however that there was just breathing room to actually do some character work and use the very good actors in here. Branagh is fun mainly because he has taken a deep deep dive in the ocean of ham - but Pattinson is as charming as he has ever been as is JDW but no time is spent setting us up to care, barely any character traits or interplay are allowed to exist.

Debicky is mostly allowed to be tall. There are a lot of shots where people walk two steps behind her just so they look as tall. 

I had fun, but I guess I’m a bit too stupid to just care about this concept without more substance.

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