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  • Lemonade Joe

    Lemonade Joe


    Lemonade Joe: [Lands on his feet after falling some 200 feet, right in front of the hostile band, taking them by surprise. Performs some thorough finger-spinning with his twin shooters, finally aiming them at the band] Understandably, hands up.

    From behind the Iron Curtain comes a spoof of Westerns and capitalism. Some of the jokes drag on too long but it’s basically good fun.

  • Black Peter

    Black Peter


    I know this sounds so little, and not serious enough, but I believe that I have to have fun. We all have to have fun – me, the actors, the cameraman, everybody should feel as if we are making a home movie, because that is the only way to open the film to a certain kind of lightness. If everybody involved feels the seriousness, the heavy weight of money being stamped on movies, it somehow influences the result in a way which is anesthizing to life. – Milos Forman

    Milos Forman’s first film is an enjoyably wry coming of age comedy.

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