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  • Her Man

    Her Man


    Tagline: YOU’LL NEVER FORGET IT! The blood-firing romance of a girl WHO DARED THE WORLD FOR LOVE! She was tender, young and beautiful, but she knew LIFE in the raw, vivid, colorful, elemental! Daring and soul-stirring is the story of a girl who found real love in the crucible of flaming desire and elemental thrills!

    Unsung pre-code gem is a heady mixture of lowlife atmosphere and tender romance told to the tune of “Frankie and Johnny”.

  • The Doorway to Hell

    The Doorway to Hell


    Title Card: [closing title] The “Doorway to Hell” is a one-way door. There is no retribution – no plea for further clemency. The little boy walked through it with his head up and a smile on his lips. They gave him a funeral – a swell funeral that stopped traffic – and then they forgot him before the roses had a chance to wilt.

    Second banana James Cagney steals this movie out from under the feet of preppy gangland boss Lew Ayers.

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  • Double Harness

    Double Harness


    Ann Harding has her cap set for playboy William Powell. She manages to trick him into marrying her but they soon agree to divorce in six months. She spends the time trying to get him to fall in love with her. Very nice low-key light romance. Watched on YouTube.

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  • Ladies They Talk About

    Ladies They Talk About


    It’s a women’s prison movie and what a movie! Barbara Stanwyck gets sent to the slammer for her role in a bank robbery. Hunky reformer Preston Foster stays in love with her despite her scorn for him. Lots of cat fights in the joint! Lesbian guards! Fun, fun, fun! Barbara is such a tough cookie. Watched on Amazon Instant. Also for rent on YouTube.

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