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  • Spider-Man



    Great origin story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man.

    The best thing about this movie is really the lead itself, Tobey maguire,
    as Spider-Man (Peter Parker) himself.
    I think he was excellent.

    And Willem Dafoe, also good, and a great villain, but his costume as The Green Goblin was really horrible.
    And sometimes even laughable.
    Willem Dafoe was without his costume more menacing then with the costume.

    I found the character of Mary-Jane Watson really bland.
    I do not think…

  • Inferno



    I thought it was a decent movie, but i think the overall suspence that you get from the book is missing in the movie.
    But i think Tom Hanks makes an excellent Robert Langdon.

    On a sidenote, maybe Thanos get some of his ideas from this movie.....

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  • Jaws 2

    Jaws 2


    This is the first time that i've ever watched a sequel of Jaws.
    And while it is a unnecessary sequel and they use similar plot points from the original Jaws, i still think it's a very good movie.
    Ofcourse not as good as the brilliant, original Jaws, but still very good.

  • Jaws



    I've watched this classic masterpiece by Steven Spielberg many times, but everytime it's still as exciting and thrilling as the first time i saw it.

    And John Williams is just a true genius.