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  • Edge of Tomorrow

    Edge of Tomorrow


    My second viewing - I made Matt watch and go in without knowing anything about it (not even telling him about the horrible "live.die.repeat." tagline. It was awesome seeing his reaction.

    A truly undermarketed film that I will recommend to all my sci-fi & gamer friends.

  • Brooklyn



    A charming story, strongly carried by Saoirse Ronan. The conflict in the middle of the film doesn't bear much weight, but the "full circle" ending, while predictable, is satisfying.

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  • Birdman



    Brilliant. Every technical and artistic aspect of this film was spot on. This is one of those movies that make me wish I majored in film studies. The cinematography and film editing...just wow. Keaton, Norton, and Stone all deserve their accolades (with a special shout out to Galifianakis who totally surprised me). The plot is so surreal and so meta, one could watch this a hundred times and still find new ways to think about film, fame, and success.

  • Stardust



    I haven't read the Neil Gaiman novel (I really want to read some of his works, though) so I had no idea what to expect...this movie is a fun fantasy fairytale at it's finest!

    The three main arcs of the story were woven together very well. I'm not usually a romantic, but I by the end, I was completely smitten by the relationship between Tristan and Yvaine. Michelle Pfeiffer was exceptionally creepy as the evil witch. The seven prince brothers…