Beasts of the Southern Wild ★★★

I'm not sure if this film was too artsy and I am not smart enough to "get" it, or if I was just trying too hard to look for symbolism and meaning. I was pretty confused throughout the movie, yet pretty much figured out the plot right away.

However, the acting in this film is phenomenal. To find out that none of them were professional actors, all just local Louisiana natives with no acting experience. Dwight Henry is excellent as the struggling father, and Quvenzhané Wallis blew me away (as expected). To think that a 5-year old with no acting experience was able to portray her role with such eloquence & imagination astounds me.

Finally, the cinematography and music score were both beautiful. This is one example of how the infamous "shaky cam" can actually work. The filming of the poverty stricken Bayou felt raw and real. And the music was just magical - aside from Wallis' acting, the score was my favorite part of the film.