Blue Like Jazz ★★★

This movie was...interesting. I have to re-read the book because I honestly didn't remember a lot of his experiences, but I remembered there was stuff I agreed with and stuff I didn't agree with.

Since the book was more a memoir in the style of ramblings, it was a bit awkward to piece together the narrative in the film. The acting was decent...better than most Christian indie films. But I feel like the movie suffers from being too "middle-ground" by not diving deeply into the doubt Don had, and also not fleshing out the relationships that helped him realize/strengthen his faith.

The confession booth scene was powerful, though. It's not easy to ask for forgiveness when you're supposed to be a "holy Christian" but like Penny said in the film, "we all make mistakes, we all have our own crap." Hopefully this film can help people (Christians and non-Christians) to put away the pretense and accept that we aren't perfect...and maybe find Christ along the way.