Life of Pi ★★★★½

Well. This movie just broke the "stuck at 4-stars" rut for my top Oscar contenders. I never read the book, but the film adaptation definitely captured the magnificence of its storytelling. I was brought to tears in one scene because of the emotion between Pi Patel and Richard Parker (the comically named tiger.) Suraj Sharma's acting debut was surely challenging, and he definitely delivered.

I heard a lot of jokes about this movie being "Life of CGI," but honestly, this was the best CGI I've seen. It was overall a beautiful film. There were only a few shots where it was noticeably "fake" but it was mostly a visual masterpiece.

The "spirituality" of this story seems to have caused division, as religious themes tend to do. Atheists complain there is too much "god" in the story. Christians complain that the "faith" journey is too universal and sugar coated. Honestly, viewing this film through my own lens of the Truth I've found in Christ, I could see nothing BUT the reliance on the Gospel in this film. But I suppose that is the point...this story can start conversations - and by faith, hopefully those conversations will point to the Truth.

Lastly, I REALLY want a pet tiger.

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