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  • Sleeping with Other People

    Sleeping with Other People


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    don't recommend watching this with ur mom and sister like I did. lots of funny people in this movie but not a lot of good jokes, u need that when ur characters & romantic storyline aren't complex or interesting /: the plot is fine but this should honestly be a lot funnier than it was. maybe we weren't the right demographic for this movie because I found a lot of jokes or bits didn't land well and just felt awkward which made for a long viewing experience. I do love all the actors in this movie though!!

  • Okja



    i laughed, i cried, i thought a lot about the reality of the meat industry and its impact on the world. bong really does make u feel the full spectrum of emotion while giving u content for ur brain to chew on. very funny yet depressingly dark at points, u will not be forgetting this one. also seo-hyeon ahn really is the heart and soul of this movie, she really has accomplished more at 13 than i have in my 22 years - she's gonna be HUGE one day and definitely someone to watch

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