Parasite ★★★★★

this is genuinely the best movie I have seen all year. it's hard to place a single genre on this movie, it's a mix of suspense, drama, thriller, comedy and mystery. this movie is all of these things at once, and throughout the movie as it mutates and changes into something differently it still retains all of these elements. there are some incredibly tense scenes but there's also a lot of tender scenes as well. Parasite has a lot of heart at its core, with likeable characters u root for and a family u really feel for. what i like about this story is that when u think its heading in one direction, ur expectations are subverted and Bong Joon-ho throws something at u out of left field. this movie also explores classism and poverty, they are consistent themes throughout and it culminates in a poignant and sad ending that I will remember for years to come. right when i finished this movie I immediately wanted to rewatch it

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