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  • Showgirls



    This is a masterpiece because it does perfectly everything the creators aspire to do. This is America
    Also feminist as fuck how the hell critics can say it is myspgnist these people really need to check if they really should be critics

  • The Man Who Planted Trees

    The Man Who Planted Trees


    It is now a personal aspiration of mine to make every single person I know see this. I will be able to tell if someone can’t be trusted based only in the fact that rhey didn’t like this( which I think is something  very rare( or a least should be very rare. I just love this so much and since Its such a beautiful day I had never cried so much

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  • Grand Illusion

    Grand Illusion


    I’m so grateful do the Renoir’s of our world. The men and women that make sure to express kindness and caring for other human beings in some kind of art form. I’m so happy that beyond that, to make it all better, he did his work masterfully, arranging  beautiful shot composition and directing espetacular performances from his actors, all that to  create something so unique, we still crave for more to this day. There was never another Renoir, but sure as hell, thousands and thousands were influenced by him into spreading more love and understanding of one another in this beautiful world we live in.

  • Dracula



    Did anyone got a bit of a gay vibe?

    ( the beginning is 5 stars worth for sure, but unfortunately, knowing that making sound pictures in that era was still very hard, the dialogue feels unnatural)