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  • And When I Die, I Won't Stay Dead
  • Overgames
  • In the Future, They Ate from the Finest Porcelain
  • The Club

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  • Alberto and the Concrete Jungle

    Alberto and the Concrete Jungle


    The train wreck of Alberto's life is filled with such tantalizing absurdities that I couldn't help falling down the rabbit hole with him. He is on a journey of self discovery in a land of self absorption. His encounters include cell phone waiving careerist assholes, ex-girlfriends, self-help gurus lost in their delusions, ordinary folk working hard and staying under the radar, artists quietly making work without professional ambition and a woman who finds herself on the same road as Alberto.…

  • The Subject

    The Subject


    The Subject stumbles under its own weight as it tries to address a group of interrelated issues that prove too slippery to capture, analyze and resolve in one two hour film. A documentary filmmaker's responsibility to his or her subject is the largest elephant in the room, but it is joined by spinning the truth, minimizing transgressions, infidelity, white economic hegemony, white entitlement, and the simple act of owning what one does. The film gets traction and momentum with the…

Popular reviews

  • A Short Film About Love

    A Short Film About Love


    This is a short film about what love is not: women as observed sex object; women catering to solipsistic male sex fantasies; tolerance for stalking and sexual harassment; the assumption that women yearn for any attention no matter how harmful. The film is worth watching for Kieslowski's skillful use of composition, lighting and color but it is a study of dated values that have been challenged by feminist ideology and gender politics.

  • Electra, My Love

    Electra, My Love


    In 1974, an unrelenting brownness was spreading across the world. Natural was the password and organic was becoming more than a branch of chemistry. The Marxist ideologies of 1968 were still in the air. Hippiedom was on its deathbed but still breathing as it became co-opted and institutionalized. A disillusioned baby boom generation was settling for tweed, corduroy and shag haircuts. Still looking for answers, our eyes settled on the perceived values of pre-industrial cultures to salve the atrocities of…