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David Thewlis Filmography Project

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#2 Beseiged

Jason Kinsky = The Idyllic Character

Pros: Definitely the most underrated movie where David appears, a hidden jewel that is sadly forgotten by many people, he and Thandie Newton make a great combo that really works for me, the themes of interracial romances are unique in the cinema, Jason Kinsky is an English man who by widowing his wife inherits a house in Italy, little by little we will realize that his personality is emotional and fragile (much more than Shandurai). I also like the fact that both characters suffer internal problems and both feel alone as well as empty... it makes me feel empathy for them, the first time I saw the film I felt really sad for Shandurai, but then I realized that the purest and most innocent character of the whole film is him, no doubt Mr. Kinsky loses much more than she does because he does everything possible to make her happy.... It doesn't matter how many sacrifices it will cost to make her wish come true. An idyllic and romantic film with artistic quality.

Cons: I'm always bothered by the end of the film, I'm upset to see what happened after Shandurai's husband rang the doorbell, but when the final.... urhhgg credits appear! It's an open ending and maybe some people will find it very puzzling.

Curious fact: Several gossips on the Internet say that there is a 60-minute version of the film with the same cast, but in the end, Bernardo Bertolucci thought about it and decided to extend it, to finally do it again with the duration we all know of 93 minutes.