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David Thewlis Filmography Project

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#1 Naked

Johnny = The Idiosyncratic Character

Pros: Obviously king of the list, Naked is a before and after in David's career, if it wasn't for this film we would never have met him, known him or maybe he wouldn't have become famous. This is not the story of a depressed vagabond, the film is deeper than you can see at first glance. Johnny is a man who runs away from Manchester for having raped a woman, as we get to know him we realize as the truth if he is exposed and naked in all aspects, he takes and fully backs the whole film, of course this is my favorite Mike Leigh film (I have seen others from his filmography but they don't have the same power as Naked) David is an actor with innate talent that I don't need to study at a prestigious drama school to show all his own gifts, on the contrary, he proved himself what he can do, his Cannes award is enough to prove his enormous ability, it seems that this one never cared to be nominated for the Oscars that year (I think he hates The Academy), it's just one more gross award, since Naked is a 100% Anti-Hollywood film, it's too much for the criteria handled by the jury. Johnny is an acid humorist, with an irresponsible personality that is mature but ultimately very cordial, he could use a lot of definitions/words to describe it, but its complexity is far away for a standard actor. David creates a powerful performance like no other!

Cons: For me Naked is impeccable, but if I need to say something against him, I would say: 1) I would have liked to see more scenes in Sandra's apartment between Johnny, Louise, and Sophie, it would be interesting to see their interactions, especially Sophie getting jealous of Louise for Johnny! 2) The first time I saw Naked when you almost get to the end in the Johnny scene and Louise in the bathroom when she asks him to come back to Manchester for a moment I thought I would accept and the two would go together.... but knowing everything that happened before the movie I realized to myself that even though I wanted that I knew it would never happen in the end, a soft side of me makes me feel broken because Johnny/Louise didn't have his happy ending... but my honest side knows that he will never change (because maybe not even the best person will change his mentality or behavior so easily), Naked is a movie with a realistic ending that ends as it begins... depressing and austere.

Curious fact: After years of friendship between David and Mike Leigh and that he participated in the short film The Short & the Curlies and Life is Sweet David himself asked Leigh to make a film especially for him, being the main character himself, and although it took a little time to fulfill that promise the result was undoubtedly the greatest success in David's career.

My personal definition of Johnny's behavior:

This is my own thought, but for me he is a person who has experienced things that have affected mentally and emotionally, Johnny is not the smartest guy but he learns only to survive in a big world because it shows that he has been reflecting bad experiences in life, he gets to a point where he doesn't care if he does wrong and improper actions on other people. his sexual morbidity is, in my opinion, a way in which he wants to avoid what lives/occurs in his day today, and for me Johnny is a human who is afraid and centrally mistrusts a lot of other humans, he knows that the world is impure and with the passage of time all people are more tainted and corrupt that is why he lives without thinking about tomorrow, maybe he is sadistic but for me he needs to be eviler because the same life I teach him to have to be and he is not the worst person in the whole world.

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