Black Panther ★★★

Who needs a Lion King "live action" reboot, when we have this?

I like car chase scenes. I didn't like the one in this movie. It felt slow for some reason.

The Black Panther felt too much like a CGI character. In Civil War it felt like someone was in the costume, here, it seems like it was a CGI person most of the time.

The first Black Panther fight was at night, in the dark, when the guy has a black costume. Couldn't see a thing.

Didn't Daniel Kaluuya's character change his mind for no good reason?
"No, Wakanda should keep its resources for itself, if we open to the world, we will fall. Oh, look! The dead body of the man who killed my father! Sweet! Okay, let's export our tech and weapons to the world and wreak havoc. Sounds cool."

But I liked the movie.

War rhino who's cute? I'm in.
Badass women kicking ass with their fists and their brains? YES PLEASE.