Ghost in the Shell ★★★

I didn't hate it. It's the same, but different.

They recreated some iconic scenes from the anime. And they did it quite well, if I do say so myself. It basically looks the same, but I feel like the message and the underlying themes are different.

When I saw "Music by Clint Mansell", I lost it a little. I really like CLint Mansell.

Who knew Michael Shannon had a Danish lookalike, though? I didn't know who played Batou, so I spent the whole movie actually wondering if it was Michael Shannon or not (I figured not because he didn't have the right voice, but still!). The name of the actor is Pilou Asbæk, in case you care.
I'm really surprised that I didn't see any footage of Batou before I went to see the movie, but I'm sure glad I didn't! I'm not sure why I liked him so much, but I did.

You know what, I think I liked it. (For the visuals, if anything. Except that one scene at the end that looks like a bad video game)