Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★

"We're going to make this so pretty, the prettiness is going to SLAP THEM IN THE FACE" is what I guess was said at one point in a production meeting.

Now, let's try to break down what I liked and what I didn't, or what i like to call "my random thoughts":
• "The Guardians are funny. Aren't they funny? Can we make them funnier? Bring on the funny!" is what I think was also said at some point in a production meaning. Sometimes they go a bit too far. One guy must have had a discount on a bag of jokes. The "HAHAHA-laugh-at-the-top-of-my-lungs" characters also need to be tonned down.
• Someone needs to explain to me why "Taserface" makes Rocket and the crew lose their mind, because they spend way too much time on it, and I just don't understand why it's funny. (Oh the joys of not being a native English speaker sometimes). I have been told that in the French dubbed version of the movie, the joke doesn't work either.
• This is something I also thought when I was rewatching Guardians Vol.1, and it's a little mean, but here goes: as much as I like Rocket as a character, Bradley Cooper's voice does nothing for me. Maybe if they went the voice-actor route like they originally planned, it wouldn't have been such a bad idea.
• Don't break up the team. I like to see the Guardians of the Galaxy fight alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and interact with each other.
• Yondu. When they announced that he would be coming back, my general thought was "meh". His character didn't appeal to me all that much in Vol. 1. Here, I loved him, and I cried when he died. GO YONDU! I'm a convert.
• Mean comment #2: did Chris Pratt forget how to act? Or did he go the over-the-top/cartoon way on purpose? It's not all throughout the movie, but there are a couple of moments where I thought it was pretty bad.
• Nebula. Who cares? I get that the relationship with Gamora is important, but I feel like they could have kept that bit for Vol. 3 or the spin-off James Gunn want to make about her (which I'm guessing will never happen).
• I feel like I knew at one point that Stallone was going to be in it, but it was still a total shock when I saw his name in the opening credits. I had completely forgotten about it.
• David Hasselhoff must have been so pumped to get that phonecall.
• Kurt Russell is cool, isn't he? Look at that hair!
• I love Gamora. When she picks up the ship cannon, or whatever it is, she looks so badass. If this time around the Funko Pop gives her purple hair again, I will scream. Are they colour-blind? Even in Vol. 1 her hair was red!
• I guess I should mention Baby Groot. It is said that Vin Diesel provided both the voice and some motion capture. I demand proof. I don't believe it. I mean, Baby Groot is cute. But I miss good-ol' Groot. I liked him best.
• I don't know if I'm okay with the introduction of the Zune. I get that the production has had a bitch of a time finding working walkmans, but that's the movie's trademark!
• I think this movie was too crowded.

I liked it. I spent a hell of a time watching it. And the IMAX made it freaking gorgeous to behold! I think Vol. 1 is better, though.

I liked that the story was not "grounded" or made too serious. It's just fun. Everything is political and moody these days, and I'm starting to get tired of it. I like my movies to make me forget about my real life. I like the escapism.