Mission: Impossible - Fallout ★★★½

I think this is the first time a M:I movie is a direct sequel of the previous movie.

I feel like with movies 4 and 5 they took a more light and sometimes humorous route (2 was hilarious, but not on purpose), but this one goes back to being on the more serious side.

What a glorious moustache. It really would have been a shame to get rid of it.

The impressive running is back! He still runs fast, but you can see on his face, it hurts more now. We love watching you run Tom, but you're pushing 60. Slow down.

The motorcycle chase looked fake and the helicopter chase looked real as hell. Either CGI is getting better than reality, or something was wrong with my eyes.
(during the motorcycle chase scene in Paris, a lot of the time I thought it looked like Tom Cruise's face was encrusted on a stunt double's body. I might be wrong, but for some reason, I can see the insurance company saying yes to Cruise falling out of a helicopter, but saying no to a high speed motorbike chase).

I would be really interested to get the Blu-Ray for this movie and watch the making-of. No matter what you think about Cruise and the M:I movies, those stunts are really nice, and I like seeing actors commit.

Oh look, Renner disappeared. Poor guy was set to take over 2 of the biggest spy franchises, but both time he was eventually kicked out. And he wasn't even in Infinity War! Who did he piss off?

If you were to make me listen to the score for this movie, but not tell me for what movie it was, I would have thought you were making me listen to a Nolan/Zimmer film. Some of the beats were really reminiscent —I thought— of The Dark Knight or Inception.