My Fair Lady ★★★½

Well I'm conflicted, because I rather like the movie, but I have quite a few problems with it.

• This so did not need to be 3 hours long. Opening with pictures of flowers for 1.5 minutes? At least put the credits over it or something. Cards saying "intermission" and "entr'acte"? You don't need those.
• This is very clearly a Broadway musical that was filmed. It seems like they didn't really make an effort to "adapt" it into a movie format. The only attempt is during papa Doolittle's pre-wedding number, and since it's the only one that's filmed differently, it seems out of place.
• Henry Higgins is a despicable man.
• So they developed a special wireless microphone for Rex Harrison to be able to sing live (rather than lip-sync to pre-recorded tracks like the rest of the cast), but rearranging a couple of songs to fit Audrey Hepburn and Jeremy Brett's voices was too hard? I don't get it.
For Jeremy Brett maybe it doesn't shock me as much because you never hear his real singing voice, and I'm just not familiar with this actor, but in Audrey Hepburn's case, it's just awful. I mean no disrespect to Marni Nixon, but her voice clearly doesn't match Hepburn's. Sometimes Hepburn will start the song, and Nixon's voice will come in... It's really distracting and it takes you out of it.
• Nobody can lip-sync for shit 😅 It's kind of hilarious at times.

I love the poster, though.