Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ★½

The entire feud between Salazar and Sparrow is based on the fact that somehow Sparrow bested Salazar and won a compass in the process (what?). Except that compass that they keep talking about was given to Sparrow by Tia Dalma. She says so in the 2nd film. It's not some random dude (seriously, who was he?) on a boat that gives it to him in a moment of despair. Why does he even give it to him? Sparrow looks like he's 16 at that point, why does the saving of the ship has to depend on him?

CGI young Jack looks awful! The face doesn't move in sync with the rest of the body. It's atrocious.

Jack Sparrow used to be a weird pirate who likes rum and seems a little crazy, when he's actually smarter that he leads you to believe and always knows what he's doing (even though it doesn't seem like it to the people around him). Here he's just a wino (rumo?) who can't walk straight and serves absolutely no purpose.
Seriously, remove him from the movie, and what happens? Nothing. He's just along for the ride and makes no difference to the resolution of anything. (Yeah sure, you lose the "feud" between him and Salazar, but Sparrow doesn't even remember it, so why should we?).
This is making me sad.

The IMAX 3D made me sea sick.