Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

I'm feeling generous. I actually liked it better the second time around, so I'm giving it a high score.

+ the photography. Goddammit it's gorgeous!
+ Mark Hamill's performance
+ the inner conflicts of both Ben Solo and Rey
+ the connection between Ben Solo and Rey. Not only is it interesting as a part of the story and the growth of both characters, I felt that those scenes were also really well directed.
+ Adam Driver's performance
+ the throne room fight scene
+ Crait. So much aesthetic
+ this gif
• Apparently the fact that Leia has Force powers is a big revelation. I always assumed she had Force powers, just not as developed as "regular" Jedi masters. I also didn't mind that scene as much as some people. Although I did think "I'm Mary Poppins y'all!" when I saw it the first time.
- the throwing over the shoulder of the lightsaber.
- Vice Admiral Holdo. I don't know why, but there's something about that character that doesn't sit right with me. Maybe it's the purple hair. I hate purple.
- Benicio Del Toro's glorified cameo
- the Finn/Rose "relationship". I get what that save and kiss tried to say, but it felt forced and not natural. I mean, the save was nice, because I didn't want to see Finn die, and then Rose has a nice line about saving what we love and not destroying what we hate, but eh, I felt it cheapened the scene a little.
- the cantin- sorry, the Canto Bait sequence.
- Joseph Gordon-Levitt is way too hard to spot (who the fuck is Slowen Lo?)
- "The Supreme Leader is dead. Long Live the Supreme Leader". Seriously? There was NO ONE more qualified to become Supreme Leader after Snoke?

I was so proud of myself to have spotted on my first watch that something was up when Luke showed up on Crait. He took the time to get a makeover on the way, and for some reason he didn't leave any trace on the ground.