Suicide Squad ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

In an era of comic book movies with purpose, Suicide Squad is Transformers: all show, no substance.

And I thought BvS was bad...

• The script is a mess.
• Most of the time we don't know where they're going, why they're going there, and what they're actually looking for.
• The introduction of the characters is bland and we don't give a shit about any of them. Except maybe Harley and Deadshot.
• Poor Margot, though... In panties and high heels the whole time...
• Deadshot wears his mask TWICE. ... For 4 seconds each.
• And is it just me or does Deadshot actually doesn't do all that much? He holds his gun real nice, but we don't really see his great abilities. We only see it briefly at the beginning in a flashback (and that was cool!) and then when Flag and Waller come to get him at the prison, but after that... Not that much.
• I buy the building of a relationship between Harley and Deadshot. But Diablo saying he doesn't want to loose another family and Flag hugging Deadshot? BULLSHIT.
• Does Killer Croc have jets in his feet? How come he shoots through the water so fast? He doesn't even swim crocodile-style, he just speeds through the water.
• Was footage cut? Can we expect another ultimate edition to fix WB's shit?
• Why was the Joker there? He had NOTHING to do in that movie. I mean seriously, cut his scenes, save the origin of Harley for her own movie, and tell me Suicide Squad would have been worse/better without him. He brings NOTHING.
• I think having the Joker in that movie actually makes the character a big disservice. From the get go I was not a fan of his look, but I wanted to see what Jared Leto would do with the character. Turns out I don't know what he does with it, because he has no arc whatsoever and doesn't do all that much. If you ask me, that's a shitty introduction to that new version of the character. And they needed to make something big to stop the comparisons with Heath Ledger. Sorry Jared. You missed. Or rather, they didn't give you the opportunity to knock it out of the park.
• Does this take place before or after Justice League? No, because we see The Flash in a suit that looks like the one Bruce Wayne builds him in JL, but at the end Bruce Wayne gets a dossier with names of metahumans he wants to find to "make {himself} new friends". So... Which is it?
• Batman should not have been in that movie either. Keep Bruce Wayne in the post-credit scene if you like, whatever. But Batman was utterly unnecessary. It was a publicity stunt and it feels like it.
• I also had a moment where I thought that the dude Enchantress "creates" (her brother?) looked a lot like Steppenwolf. And so the confusion about the place of this movie in the DCEU timelime was even greater.
• What the hell was Enchantress trying to do exactly? Apart from lighting up the sky with purple lights?

After the Comic Con footage of Wonder Woman and Justice League I wanted to believe in what WB could do with the DC properties, because that looked fucking awesome! Now I'm just scared again.

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