The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

A decade in, this is not worth so much as a piece of filmmaking, but as a cultural document of the past that also somehow predicted the immediate future. The sexism, the inequality, the addiction and the way social media is built to feed the worst in people is all here, seeming like subplots to the story when in fact that IS the story. I’m sure Fincher and Sorkin realized it on some level, but not how much.

The performances are impressive though Eisenberg actually has less to do than the others except a few key moments. Timberlake has never and will never be better, but i was most struck this time by the women, who Sorkin has been less and less able to write since. They're all so confident, sharp and except for Christie possibly, who gets a raw deal, somewhat unmoved by these young men coming into enormous power. The opening scene is still excellent, but it’s Mara’s second scene that most struck me this time. The way it models every instance of online harassment a woman faces and her expert handling of a man who is essentially a troll is incredible to see play out in a world that didn’t have that language or understand that dynamic yet. The way she shushes the guy who tries to come to her defense is incredible. The one moment where it perhaps doesn’t understand its subject is in the kind words Jones says at the end, but that’s one bit of misunderstanding in an otherwise perfect social commentary.

Ten years on, this film has aged incredibly well and I can only see that becoming truer as time goes on.

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