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  • Capernaum



    do you know why we’re here?
    yes I want to sue my parents
    why do you want to sue your parents?
    for bringing me into the world :(

    I was expecting to be a good man, respected and loved. but god doesn't want that. he wants us to be floor mats to be stepped on.

  • Fighting with My Family

    Fighting with My Family


    not really anything more than a cool concept. still entertaining tho.

    “just cause millions of people aren’t cheering while you do it, that doesn’t mean it’s not important.”

    goth florence made my day better.

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  • The Uninvited

    The Uninvited


    “we survive by remembering. but sometimes, we survive by forgetting.” -dr. silberling

  • The Edge of Seventeen

    The Edge of Seventeen


    “you know, ever since we were little, i would get this feeling like... like i'm floating outside of my body, looking down at myself... and i hate what i see... how i'm acting, the way i sound. and i don't know how to change it. and i'm so scared that the feeling is never gonna go away.”