Mark Carroll

Just a dad of three desperately trying to knock down the movie to-watch pile.

Favorite films

  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Animal House
  • Ikiru
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

Recent activity

  • Nosferatu


  • Jackass 4.5


  • Housebound


  • The Kids in the Hall: Comedy Punks


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  • Mandy



    1970s sci fi art.  Dungeons and dragons.  Revenge.  My imagination.  Conan the barbarian.  Two suns on Tatooine.  Neon streaks.  Prime Cage.  Remembering seeing your wife for the first time.  You at your worst.  You at your best.  Body burn.  Mutants.  Manga. Big fat headphones.  Iron Maiden.  Sabbath.  Denim on denim.  Three quarter sleeve shirts.  Night Flight.  Love.  Hate.  Heavy metal the movie.  Heavy metal the smoking kids listened to while growing their pathetic mustaches.  1983.  11 years old.  Turning the stereo up loud for a reason.  Living a job until you can go live.  

    Black Skulls.

  • Pieces



    A LOL gore fest.

    Anyway, why am I a horror fan?  I am a 46 year old man with a loving wife of 10 years and 3 beautiful children.  A 8 yr old girl and boy/girl twins of 7 who fascinate me and I love with all my heart.  I am never alone and without love.

    Yet, I often reflect on earlier years(11-15), when I would huddle around my 13 inch tv and vcr and watch everything horrific.  Was it…