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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4

    I liked it. Might even be the best one. There are a lot of strong, emotionally-charged metaphors inside each of the characters and their relationships and I think that's where Toy Story 4 is at it's best. I started to think about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein very early on, and then Mad Max: Fury Road, then back to Toy Story.

    Sadly I think the plot begins to get repetitive after the 3rd or 4th time breaking into the antique shop and…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1

    Uma deserves an Oscar for doing this film whilst simultaneously putting up with Tarantino and Weinstein.

    To be honest though, while Tarantino directs his films in an interesting way I think I'd rather watch any of the films he's paying homage to with this. Every time Thurman says anything in Japanese it feels like a bad joke, and the swordplay isn't as good as even the first Zatoichi - she cartwheels around too much for it to feel like she's…

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  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties

    How to Talk to Girls at Parties

    Everything in my life has built up to this moment

  • Spectre


    Worst Halloween film ever. There isn't even a single ghost in it and all the skeletons are obviously people