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  • Silence




    The title of this film speaks volumes, as the entire theater sat in their seats all the way until the credits stopped rolling in complete silence. Not a word was said, but the deafening silence and heaviness of this film were clearly heard.

    Silence is not a film that is meant to be enjoyable. It is to be experienced, but rather than providing you with a couple hours of entertainment, it provided its audience with days of reflection and…

  • Split



    Split is a return to form for M. Night Shyamalan. The story of a man battling his inner demons of multiple personalities that take control.  Some of the more evil personalities end up capturing three young girls, with the intent to do them harm. The story is pretty riveting, although the first act is somewhat slow, but doesn't drag on too long.
    I really enjoyed the way this movie was filmed, as the shots seems to work perfectly with each…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    With the overwhelmingly positive reviews of La la Land I thought the hype couldn't be true. So many people raved how they loved this movie, this somewhat tainting me into thinking there was no way that it could ever be as good as people were making it out to be...I stand corrected.

    La la Land is a nostalgic film, that really does feel as if it were made in a much earlier time, but it's also so modern and fresh…

  • Passengers



    Is it just me or is anymore else getting sick of space movies?

    Passengers in the remake of Castaway, but in a way you're never seen it space. Oh, and it also has Jennifer Lawrence, but other than that if you've seen castaway, you've seen Passengers. Except the fact that Castaway is a 100x better as well.

    With Passengers we get another space setting movie. While Passengers does try to focus on different elements than some of the other…