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This review may contain spoilers.

Craig goes out with a bang in the least Bond like movie since Casino Royale rebooted the series. It’s OHMSS with the ending reversed

Where does Bond go next? Clearly this is the end for the current team, and the timely buyout of MGM by Amazon allows for another reboot; however, NTTD managed to shock it’s audience with revelations and the deaths of significant characters. First Felix Leiter, then Blofeld are dispatched. If you thought the death of Judy Dench’s M was a surprise, just wait until Bond himself dies at the end of this movie. The audience ( audience! Cinema is saved) were stunned, having just got over the revelation that Bond has a daughter. Oh and I love how the makers trolled the trolls with the close up of Craig’s face and  the line “ She has your blue eyes”. It also begs the question- why did Danny Boyle quit as director? Clearly not for the alleged leaked reason that he wanted to kill Bond. 

The plot is old school Bond, but with 21st Century ambiguity and there are musical and visual nods ( the Aston Martin) to the best Bond movie - OHMSS.  There is also a hint of the novel You Only Live Twice with a poisoned garden and an island near Japan. 

A special word for Lynch who plays the new 007. She is 007; capable and stylish. She’s just not Bond. 

I need to reflect on this movie and see it again, but this may just have become my favourite Bond movie.

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