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  • Trouble



    There's a fair amount to like about Trouble, a comedy about a brother and sister who have let decades of animosity and resentment build up, without addressing the core of the problem. There are the performances, primarily from Anjelica Huston and Bill Pullman as the siblings, who get into a big fight again over land that they inherited from their father. There's the way that the characters' relationship evolves through a series of arguments and schemes, as well as a…

  • Sadie



    The eponymous character in Sadie is a 13-year-old girl who knows more about the world than, perhaps, she should. The central problem is that she understands that world through the lens of a 13-year-old, who hasn't seen anything beyond her home in a trailer park, her school, whatever's on TV, and the writing within the letters of her father, a soldier who has been away for years while serving in Afghanistan. We could expect great things from Sadie (Sophia Mitri Schloss), if she can get through this transitional part of her life without getting into too much trouble.

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  • Last Ounce of Courage

    Last Ounce of Courage


    This is the movie equivalent of a spoiled child having a temper tantrum, stomping around the room, and, through the whole thing, repeatedly falling down. It would be easy to be annoyed with the movie if it weren't so unaware of how damn funny its display of pointless outrage is.

  • Mortdecai


    Mortdecai is the stuff that inspires stipulations in wills, as in, "Have some basic decency on the event of my passing, and don't let people bring up that one movie." On the more positive side of things, it's also one of those movies that will likely be a, if not the, low point for everyone involved, which theoretically means that everyone here only has better things to look forward to in the future of their careers. Even so, this one is going to sting.

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