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  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    I......didn’t care for Rooney or Casey...but all the ghosts are like sad forgotten dogs without owners and it’s so heartbreaking. I cried at the thought. Like...honestly fuck the couple this film is about, they’re so boring, but the ghost. Oh my god. I’m trying not to cry again thinking about it. Just. Just heartbreaking.

  • It



    Uh, 3rd viewing...and I already knew I had plans to see this the day after tomorrow for a film class but I couldn’t pass up tonight’s opportunity.

    The big scares are finally wearing out for me but you know what I’m noticing more now? All the little ones I don’t remember. The ones that have nothing to do with Pennywise!specific or the deranged townsfolk. Stuff like Eddies head in the mattress and the praying mantis arms. Those things last seconds BUT THEY'RE THERE.

    Expect an over emotional existential essay of IT after Sunday. Those classes always blow my mind.

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  • Arrival



    As of it's release, I think this is what every alien film was supposed to be. What other films brush off in seconds this film builds into an ultimate message. Some films are designed to give us hope, I left the theater in thankful tears.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    I had a lot to say in a review while watching this, but honestly, I think I just want to say that my faith in modern film making is rekindled, and I'm thankful and happy, and really proud of this production. I have love for this film