The Master

The Master ★★★★★

The Master represents a crowning achievement of what talented film makers can create, and shows that even in this 21st Century of multi-hundred million dollar budgets for Summer tent poles, the medium of film is still capable of delivering art of a truly cinematic fashion.

It is a true privilege to be able to witness the results of cinematic perfection so soon after its creation. When people think of the perfect film, typically they are pulled back in time to true greats that were produced half a lifetime or more ago. The production team of The Master, led by PTA, Phoenix and Hoffman, have proven that there is still the requisite talent out there, and production firms with the balls to deliver, to enable the humble film to be the greatest art form that man has ever created.

I love a summer blockbuster as much as the next man, but no matter how exciting and thrilling they may be, I am simply grateful that they exist to enable master pieces such as The Master to be created.

In 50 years time, people will be praising this film as one of the greatest ever made. Why wait that long?

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