2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

Forty-six years later and the mysteries of 2001: A Space Odyssey remain unspoilt and it's as beautiful as ever.

Kubrick's exploration of the unknown universe is majestic in it's storytelling and on a scale that has never being attempted since. There can be a million interpretations of 2001 but I have always found that it's better enjoyed when it is thought about in the simplest of terms. For me, 2001 is a celebration of the race to the stars and mankind's quest to understand its own existence. It's an exploration of our fears, the fears that our own creations may one day may exceed our own understandings of the universe, and finally, it's a piece of visual and aural art. Kubrick and Clarke refuse to give us the answers to the questions that the film raises. Instead, their goal is to invite you on a journey that human kind will probably never fulfill and to show you a possible actualisation from a million hypotheses.

A beautifully realised adventure, 2001 is as infuriating as it is profound, a masterpiece of cinematic art and of a directors skill that still remains unsurpassed. Whatever you may think of this film, you cannot deny that, despite it's immense intellect, it made you look up into the night's sky to see if there could be someone or something looking down on you with the same hopes of knowing that we are not alone in the vast emptiness of space. Personally, I will forever honour 2001 with a heartfelt appreciation - not for its accomplished technical skill but for it's obvious dedication and love for wonder, and wonder is the greatest of adventures.


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