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  • The Millionaire Tour

    The Millionaire Tour


    I can't understand how poorly-written, poorly-conceived tripe like this gets produced in Hollywood. I can only assume that someone was bribed and that this was a vanity project bankrolled by someone's doting parent.

  • Once Upon a Time in America

    Once Upon a Time in America


    The scene on the poster there... the one where the little guy is dancing away to his friend's pan pipes in the streets of Brooklyn. That alone merits five stars. Such a great movie - everything strung together perfectly - the emotions, the plot, the characters, the cinematography...

    Dropping it half a star because it is kind of rapey.

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  • The Day After

    The Day After


    I was probably 10 when I saw this movie. It scared the shit out of me.

  • Audition



    "... kiri, kiri, kiri..."