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  • A History of Violence

    A History of Violence


    Unfortunately, this is only my second Cronenberg movie, but it was quite a surprise to see the similarities to his 80s classic The Fly.
    A History of Violence does also feature a transformation, but it isn’t necessarily a physical one, like the metamorphosis in The Fly, but a transformation that takes place within our protagonist.
    Cronenberg tackles interesting themes and raises several questions:

    If we were a monster, is it possible to leave this monster behind and lead a “normal”…

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II


    Evil Dead II is superior to its predecessor in almost every way.

    It does a great job in expanding the universe created by the first installment and adding a lot of new and creative ideas to the movie's mythology.
    Raimi takes POV shots to the next level and creates some of the best chase sequences I have seen in any movie in a long time.
    Bruce Campbell shines as I expected, brings a whole lot of new facets to his…

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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi


    Imagine your favorite pizza, but there are some slices that have little pieces of broccoli. 

    I don't like broccoli.

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    As usual with Lars von Trier his new movie The House That Jack Built is divided into a prologue and an epilogue with the middle part consisting of five different incidents. Each incident has something new to offer.

    The first two are filled with witty dark humor and have a lot of interesting things to say about the purpose of art and artistic perfectionism. Both feature von Trier’s post-Land of Opportunities Trilogy style, in which he combines handheld shaky cam…