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  • The Awful Truth
  • Written on the Wind
  • Imitation of Life
  • A Night at the Adonis

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  • Every Inch a Lady

  • Erotic Adventures of Candy

  • I Can't Sleep


  • Hadewijch


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  • Lady Killer

    Lady Killer


    one of those movies that you immediately want to rewatch (and i did) cause the ending recontextualizes everything that came before.
    René was so gone for Lucien it would be funny if it wasn't incredibly sad.

  • I Carry You with Me

    I Carry You with Me

    Aunque yo me oculte tras la montaña
    y encuentre un campo lleno de caña,
    no habrá manera mi rayo de luna que tú te vayas

Popular reviews

  • Rojo



    The dirty war in Argentina that took place from 1974 to 1983 was one of the deadliest of the many inhumane US-backed right-wing crusades that have transpired in Latin America. In the interest of protecting occidental and christian values, many working class people suffered at the hands of a cowardly government that turned their back against them in favor of dollar bills.
    Rojo, Benjamín Naishtat's third feature and his most accessible yet, opens with a long shot of a house…

  • The Blonde One

    The Blonde One


    Tension has become a trademark in Marco Berger’s work. You’re aware going into one of his films that the will-they won’t-they suspense will drive the narrative. The spaces in his films brim with silence, allowing the restless expressions in his characters’ faces do the talking. The point is not to make it seem like words are irrelevant—on the contrary, it is when his characters come clean that you realize the power of just talking. It is fitting then that The…