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  • Night Visitor

    Night Visitor


    Enjoyably dumb Satanic Panic take on FRIGHT NIGHT, with horny voyeur prankster Derek Rydall spying on sexy hooker neighbor Shannon Tweed and seeing her get murdered by a guy in a goat-horned devil mask who turns out to be his asshole history teacher Allen Garfield. It's never really scary since Garfield and Michael J. Pollard (as his dimwitted, doofus brother and accomplice) are smirking throughout, and Pollard in particular seems to be openly contemptuous of the material, but there's laughs…

  • 3:15



    First rewatch of this since it was in constant cable rotation in the late '80s. Reasonably entertaining contribution to the "high school gangs run amok" craze of the time with an interesting cast and an undeniable Cannon aura even though it was released by the apparently one-and-done Dakota Entertainment Corporation. It's not quite CLASS OF 1984, SAVAGE STREETS, THE PRINCIPAL, or the more comedic cult favorite THREE O'CLOCK HIGH, but it's better than TUFF TURF or DANGEROUSLY CLOSE. And, as required by law, all of the students appear to be played by actors pushing 30, with a couple background extras that look at least 40.

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  • What?


    Shot mostly in a villa owned by producer Carlo Ponti, WHAT? must rank as the second-worst thing Roman Polanski has ever done in the home of a celebrity friend.

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  • Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive


    Tobe Hooper's follow-up to his phenomenal breakout success with 1974's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE might be, in hindsight, the bridge between that grim first film and the black comedy of the belated 1986 sequel THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2. EATEN ALIVE is a strange and often aggressively unpleasant masterpiece of claustrophobic madness, with Hooper deliberately using obvious soundstages, garish lighting, and a bizarre, squealing, screeching, ringing, clanging synthesizer score to convey an unsettling sense of swelter, suffocation, and terror.…