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  • Dimension 5

    Dimension 5

    The director, writer, and crew of CYBORG 2087 shot the sci-fi espionage thriller DIMENSION 5 back-to-back, but it isn't nearly as enjoyable. It's one of the dullest movies you'll ever see, with endless walk & talk exposition drops that only make the plot more incoherent. Nothing much happens, which is surprising considering it's about a plot by a nefarious Asian crime lord named Big Buddha (Harold "Oddjob" Sakata) to blow up Los Angeles. Jeffrey Hunter and France Nuyen team up as…

  • Cyborg 2087

    Cyborg 2087


    Shot on the cheap and originally intended for TV syndication, CYBORG 2087 has bigger ideas than its budget can accommodate. Its central plot point of a cyborg (Michael Rennie) being sent from 2087 back in time to 1966 to stop a scientist from introducing findings that will result in government abuse and the subjugation of humanity over the next 121 years bears more than a passing resemblance to THE TERMINATOR and there's some bits that may remind you of TRANCERS…

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  • In a Valley of Violence

    In a Valley of Violence


    The perpetually overrated Ti West, a filmmaker so coddled by critics that you'd swear his films were co-produced by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, cuts the slow-burn shit and makes a straightforward revenge western that's violent, fast-moving, well-acted, and funny. It's his best film since THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. And don't try to tell me THE INNKEEPERS is good because I'm not havin' it.

    Why is this being relegated to VOD? This could be a hit in theaters.

    Full review to come.

  • mother!



    An experience akin to a two-hour anxiety attack, Darren Aronofsky's MOTHER! is the kind of brazenly audacious mindfuck that major studios and A-list stars just don't make anymore. Destined to go down as one of the top "love it or hate it" movies of all time, mileage may vary on how provoked you are by MOTHER! More experienced cineastes who spend time on the fringes of cult and art cinema probably won't be as offended by the transgressions on display…