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  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    Opened 20 years ago next week.

    Well, just gonna say it: this is the only Wes Anderson film that I like. Not trying to be a contrarian dick, but I just don't like them. I get that he's unique visionary but for whatever reason, I just don't buy what he's selling, and I get that it's a me problem rather than him being a terrible filmmaker, because he's not. I felt nothing with BOTTLE ROCKET and RUSHMORE, finding them both…

  • Mars Attacks!

    Mars Attacks!


    Opened 25 years ago next week. Perhaps still in the schlocky mindset, Tim Burton followed 1994's ED WOOD with this affectionately silly all-star Martian invasion sci-fi spoof--arriving just a few months after INDEPENDENCE DAY--that never quite pushes itself to a level higher than amusing. It has some inspired moments here and there that hint at the all-out insanity that should've been, like the Martians crashing a Tom Jones show in Vegas, leading to Jones, Jim Brown, Annette Bening, and Danny…

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  • Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive


    Tobe Hooper's follow-up to his phenomenal breakout success with 1974's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE might be, in hindsight, the bridge between that grim first film and the black comedy of the belated 1986 sequel THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2. EATEN ALIVE is a strange and often aggressively unpleasant masterpiece of claustrophobic madness, with Hooper deliberately using obvious soundstages, garish lighting, and a bizarre, squealing, screeching, ringing, clanging synthesizer score to convey an unsettling sense of swelter, suffocation, and terror.…