Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

1992 Director's Cut

No film's sights and sounds lull me into an almost hypnotic trance like this one does every time I watch it. It's the only film where "It makes me drowsy and I need a nap afterwards" is a compliment. I'm unable to decide whether my preference is the 1992 "Director's Cut" or the 2007 Final Cut--I know the latter is Ridley Scott's preferred version, but I'm just not a fan of CGI fix-ups 25 years after the fact. The Final Cut has all the violence but the Director's Cut has Batty's "I want more life, fucker" instead of "I want more life, father," and "fucker" is the better line.

There are times where I don't even mind the more bluntly film noir-like 1982 theatrical cut with Ford's seemingly forced-at-gunpoint narration (that version was my first memory of BLADE RUNNER, and it definitely helped me understand the story better when I watched this in my youth before the Director's Cut became available), but generally, I go back and forth between the Director's and the Final. Both masterpieces, but yet I can't name a definitive favorite.

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