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  • Badlands



    I loved this from beginning to end.

    Beautifully shot and along with its simple story telling and poetic narration it takes us on a journey through the plains of the badlands with Kit and Holly who exchange their previous sleepy lives for one of murder and a series of road trips.

    Based loosely on a real life killing spree in the 50’s, you can see and hear how this has influenced some of modern cinemas greatest movies. The violence is…

  • Saint Maud

    Saint Maud


    Religion as a mental illness, every scene is this bleak story has an unnerving feeling to it. It’s little bit freaky and very somber feeling. Dirty walls and dated furnishings really makes you feel confined in it’s dark depressing setting. Even when we wander outside in the seaside town the lights of the arcades do little to brighten the grey atmosphere.

    It does do a little copy and paste from other modern horror films, most notably the music and the…

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  • Rio Bravo

    Rio Bravo


    This one has a bit of everything but at its core it has a big heart as we follow Sheriff Chance and his buddies in this classic western.

    With a mixture of humour, romance and some modest tension it all builds to a satisfying climax. We even get a couple of songs midway through which fit perfectly in and never feels out of place. It’s the perfect Saturday afternoon movie or even a late night watch with a few beers.

    How’d you like them apples!


  • Parasite



    A satirical look at class and wealth which turns into a perfectly crafted suspense thriller.

    There’s a hell of a lot to take in on 1st viewing. One thing that stands out there is a lot of stairs in this film and it’s a hard life at the bottom.

    What’s on offer here is a highly original and clever story as you travel up and down those stairs following the aspirations of a family who infiltrate a wealthier family with…