The Vast of Night ★★★

This tale of two radio enthusiasts is definitely worth a look if you like the kind of late night sci-fi tales which were the staple of shows like the Twilight Zone.

Set in the 50’s in a small town we follow the fast talking pair from a college basketball game to their evening hobby jobs. This is where we start to witness some sort of disturbance in the town.

It takes a while to really get going and drip feeds you enough detail to keep the suspense going. The film itself is a little grainy with a washed out colour palette which irritated me a little, I would have liked a full over saturated look.

What this film lacks in substance it makes up for with some nifty camerawork and great atmosphere. They also get the look and feel of the era spot on.

Add to the list of the growing number of smart indie sci-fi movies from such promising talents.