Five Feet Apart ★★★½

Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) and Will (Cole Sprouse) both suffer from a sickness that forbids them from coming closer than five feet to each other. Yeah, that is a little difficult when you’re falling in love with one another. 
     I am a sucker for romance films, but only when they are well-made!! The more I think of this film specifically, the more I genuinely like it. The performances from Richardson and Sprouse are relied on heavily. The movie progresses as they progress, and both of them gave solid performances. Especially Richardson, wow she was great. Through 3 months, she is definitely one of the standout perfomances of the year so far.
     For the filmmaking aspect, I think Justin Baldoni has a solid directing debut and he really pulled it off with having a hospital be really the only setting of the film. Different ideas were played with and he used the confined location in a way to make it feel immersive to the audience. I didn’t feel at all that I wanted to see outside the hospital walls. And that is impressive when a director is able to do that. Also, the cinematography is exceptional with some great editing and camera movement. A negative that I can think of off the top of my head is some of the comedic moments just did not land and it was a little awkward when nobody in the theater laughed. It sounds like I really love this film but I know what it is trying to be and it is definitely not trying to be an award-winning film. Instead of trying to swing for the fences, Five Feet Apart is just looking to get on base and it definitely does that. I recommend if you like romance (potentially sad) films then go check this out. I give Five Feet Apart a 75%.