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  • Family Guy

    Family Guy

    "Hey Lois, this reminds me of the time I accidentally ended up in an obscure Italian comedy."

    *Cut to a scene in this movie*

    *Peter Griffin walks in*

    "Do any of you people know about the bird?"

  • Dunston Checks In

    Dunston Checks In

    That's right!

    Dunston has fucking checked in.

    What a day!

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  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Killers of the Flower Moon

    I've been trying to contact Marty.

    I need to send him my script for Marmaduke 2 as he seems the director that fits my bold scope.

    I don't why he's making this piece of shit when my 180-page script is sitting in his emails.

    I know my script sounds a bit long and it may be a bit sexually graphic but Marmaduke has to mature.

    He might be a BIG DAWG but he's marketed to children at the moment. I…

  • Gotti



    A sad day for letterboxd gimmick accounts. They have taken GottiLover5000 & GottiHater5000 away from us. Probably the two best letterboxd gimmick accounts. Definitely, the two that inspired so many of us degenerates to make letterboxd gimmick accounts.

    I hope we can stop the Gotti/Goodfellas war, just for a minute, and reflect on what was lost today.

    "New York is the greatest city in the world!"