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  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    The plot, what little there is of one, is very Lovecraftian - endless flight through a seaside town, followers of an obscure sect pursuing you even in your sleep, locked up safe in your motel. But there's an overriding voice that is reminiscent of Shirley Jackson - events taking on intimate, sinister undertones that echo and echo through claustrophobic domesticity just starting to sprawl out into a post-war infinity.

    Here, we arrive at that same gas station twenty some odd…

  • Critters



    So...this may sound like midlife crisis crazy talk, but I've had it with here/where my life is at right now, and so I've come to a very important decision on where my journey is taking me:

    Grovers Bend, Kansas.

    I am serious. It looks amazing. I want E.T's mom to be my mom. I wouldn't even mind having to live on a farm because I would have an awkward Billy Zane to tell me about what life is like in…

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  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Thick with eerieness, tortured cat screams, shadows, moldering scenary, fencing, dusty libraries of erotica, gusty, echoing sighs years before Suspiria, awkward guitar strums (which is almost the exact chord they used to play on Clarissa Explains it all whenever Sam was at the window, so that was tonally a bit weird to me) and frantic sexual energy. But there's still a lot of dancing around (sometimes literally, and I do appreciate that) a 'twist' that to me seemed pretty obvious.…

  • Satan's Sadists

    Satan's Sadists


    Small-town waitress spends her time collecting rocks out in the desert with her other dull friends for her geology class, but hopes someday to make it to the big city where she plans to 'be somebody' by marrying 'an important man.' Meanwhile, Gina drives her motorcycle off a cliff when Satans' (Satan's)? gang leader, Anchor, doesn't dig her anymore. Like, the patriarchy? WAY worse than 'the man' imho.

    Not much else Satan here, other than the theme:

    'I was born…

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  • Things



    'You're're dead! Doug! No way am I gonna let the creatures eat you alive! You're coming with me. Oh, you heavy puke. Gonna throw you in this closet, so they don't eat ya.'

    Things is being a cartoon with a giant question mark over your head but the question mark is made of something non-cartoon, real, and excessively heavy, like concrete. And you realize that a cartoon was/ is(?) essentially paper and this comprehension crushes your brain from the…

  • The Devil Rides Out

    The Devil Rides Out


    An incandescent violet haze - possibly the loveliest Hammer color palatte I've seen so far are these faded pastel easter shades.

    Christopher Lee (or your stuffy white magic practicing dad) just doesn't get how, if you're not there, that leaves only 12 members! And Satan just won't put in an appearance for anything other than exactly 13! You have responsibilities! Gawd!

    Celebrating my 666 week (tho maybe it's bad luck to count my chickens before they're sacrificed)? With a seven-day (wait...should it be a 6 day) marathon of devilish horror.

    This is also 60s horror #202.