A Place in the Sun ★★★★★

I'm reading a biography of Clift which I bought at the thrift store and I've reached the part where he's finished filming this which, I was pleased to find on Starz (forgot to cancel my free trial, whoops)!
At a screening, Charlie Chaplin was quoted as saying, 'this is the greatest movie ever made about America.' Clift meant his version of George to be unsympathetic, and this comes across pretty well. He's so obviously a guy meant to live a dreary life with the girl he knocked up but unfortunately, is just smart and ambitious enough to latch onto that elusive and soul destroying idea of 'something more.' So of course he has to kill his pregnant girlfriend (though by the end, I honestly believed he could no longer tell if her drowning accident was an accident).
Watching him cling desperately to Elizabeth Taylor knowing their relationship lasted in all the ways that matter gives me hope that maybe lifelong friends are possible. Also, now I've ordered the book and I love any excuse to buy yet another book! This whole biography reading forgetting to Starz cancelling, movie watching, book buying situation has definitely been a win for me!

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