Captain Marvel ★★★★★

I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on how this isn't really my sort of thing. That I'm bothering with a review - well, there. See? I already sound like I'm dismissing this as 'just another Marvel movie I did not care about.'

And yes, okay, I'm never really going to care about Marvel and most of the appeal of this was just Brie Larson because she's awesome and I love her. Look, the cynical part of me can't help but think this franchise is just sitting back, playing it safe and benefitting or profitting from mistakes the DC womanthing movie made. It's a cash in, yet I didn't expect this to be such a totally chill experience.

Part of that is because our theater's downstairs bulb is I think at the end of its life because everything was so freaking DARK like maybe they are hoping to get thru until tour season brings in a bit more money before purchasing a new one, so there were like 10 people in the audience. Or maybe it's just that the story is small scale. And again, the cynical part of me kicks in going 'well, yeah, cause women's lives are their kids & besties' but like...I can't hate a movie that actually has fun hanging out with its characters. Maybe that's why this will go on record as the first Marvel theater experience that did not give me a panic attack.

You know, there were two jokes in this (which were really more like references or understanding the writers understanding something than guffawing at quips I never find funny anyway) that I loved. One was the cat being a dead ringer for the first famous cat in space (well second, technically, after the cat in The Cat From Outer Space) Jones (who I just found out was actually played by four cats). The second is acknowledging how often cats have gotten eaten lately (Stranger Things, Shspe of the Water) as a funny joke. Not this time!

I both agree and disagree with the song for the final showdown. On the one hand, I never really liked that song and there are so many other great 'fuck you' female anthems from around the same time (I'm partial to L7's Pretend We're Dead, personally) but it was also what we had. It was a mainstream hit which made such good points, it's almost shocking how popular it was. It was ours wheather we wanted it or not. So it was maybe not the best choice but it was a clever one which understood how you got what you got and it was often not ideal, but I'm glad that song was what it was during that point of the cultural history.

Anyway! That's all I really have time to say today. Oh, except when we arrived early for the 7 o clock show, there was a drunken guy yelling 'go see Captain Marvel!' And when we left the theater, there were several drunken men yelling the same thing. Could be thoughtless drunk behavior, could be sarcasm. Maybe my willingness to check my cynicism and (perhaps blindly) decide they maybe (even just drunkenly) loved the movie and thought others would, too, is partly because of being pleasantly surprised at how the movie didn't constantly point out how often women were subjected to gross shit - and honestly still are (minus one half-forgotten 'hilarious' joke and a kickass riff off of Terminator 2). Like 'Just a Girl' as a flawed anthem, I'll take that while hoping (and working) for something better for the next generation of women.

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