Dawn of the Dead ★★★

The ad for this freaked me out. Probably because a cemetery was in our backyard at the time.

I have failed on multiple occasions to see the original (and it's not as though I didn't make a solid effort it just didn't happen).

Anyway, fast zombies, woo! I guess it was this movie that hooked me. I hadn't thought about zombies much since I was ten or so.

I can more or less gauge my level of mental wellness on if I can watch this movie. The last opportunity, I thought, 'easy.'

Nope. Freaked out about halfway through and opted to watch 'Bambi' (which actually I hadn't seen since I was seven so that was fun. After that, they had National Lampoon's Summer Vacation).

What was my original point here?

I just can't escape this feeling that I somehow have it coming. Not sure what 'it' is exactly. But something terrible. Which really makes it impossible for me to tolerate those creative visualization 'you create your own reality' hippie types.

I really love Sarah Polly. (She was Ramona Quimby, you know.) Also, despite my very public dislike of John Green (public meaning it's out there...somewhere...not that anyone cares about it) I WILL see Looking for Alaska just because she's involved. Maybe she can add a sympathetic eye to the whole 'boy brain wet dream version' of girls still hailed as being somehow lofty or honest.

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