Eve's Bayou

Eve's Bayou ★★★★

Haunting gothic atmosphere makes this a lyrical, hypnotic watch. A few hiccups in the score and acting that occasionally take you out of the spell that's being cast, but for the most part, you feel that you are held captive by the world that's created in the best possible way. I've had this on my watch list for years, and feel I might even need a few more views to form more than just these initial impressions. But for now, what I loved most on this first viewing was how both the power and helplessness of being young - believing thoughts have the power to change events or blaming yourself for events beyond your control as a way of asserting control over a chaotic world - are explored with equal amounts of honesty and delicacy. The audience is not told how or what to believe about the events of the film, it's left up to you. However, you are asked to remember how subjective both truth and memory can be when drawing any conclusion. Maybe, as Eve's Aunt Mozelle theorizes, there is no meaning to life or at least no one meaning. And maybe at the end, nothing is explained.

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