Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Donald Pleasence shambling along like a zombie, without his cane even, because he threw it down emphatically while pleading with Michael NOT to go back to Haddonfield like Michael has ever listened to anyone about anything but especially Dr. Loomis, who now must shamble along the highway without his cane maybe wondering if there is much difference between himself and Michael in their single mindedness at this point, even if one of them can be shot and lit on fire and keep standing while the other is just barely standing.

I am even more glad for Season of the Witch not just because I never had anything invested in the series and therefore did not care that it was the Halloween without Michael and just thought it was a great holiday fun time for all but also because hopefully Loomis got a nice long six year rest. But it doesn't sound like it. It sounds like he spent most of his time pacing back and forth outside Michael's room chanting 'don't wake up' over and over again under his breath.

'Hopefully he will quit, retire or die.' It's mean, but that's pretty much what you want because it's painful watching him - the horrific murders are actually easier to watch. At least five gives him a new patient to keep him alive and you wonder if his need to feel useful is actually to blame for Michael in the first fucking place. And maybe Michael just needs to feel useful by murdering people and giving Loomis something to do.

The opening sequence was so eerie and perfect. Seemingly abandoned houses, decorations tacked up as an afterthought, light fading from the sky as the title credits glow faintly at the edges like a dying sun. I kept waiting for the rest of the movie to live up to those first few minutes but it never quite made it back there.

I wonder what that Halloween 4 would have been like.

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